Dakota Carrier Network hosts grand opening event at new Network Operations Center facility

Photo credit: Scott Berge, Photographic Art by Scott Berge

(Bismarck, N.D.) – JULY 30, 2012 – Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) held a grand opening event today at its new Network Operations Center (NOC) in Bismarck, N.D. The 42,000-square-foot, highly secure facility accommodates the company’s expanding network and growing customer needs as well as provides even greater assurance of business survivability.

Today’s grand opening events included a brunch, program, and tour of the NOC as well as congratulatory remarks from Gov. Dalrymple, Senator Hoeven and the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce.

“Congratulations to DCN on the completion of its Network Operations Center,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple. “DCN is a major part of North Dakota’s telecommunications infrastructure and a strong partner in our state’s technological advancement. We are proud to work with them to help provide North Dakotans with the latest communication capabilities.”

Accommodates expanding network and customer needs

The new Network Operations Center (NOC), located at 4202 Coleman Street, acts as a “Fort Knox” for network connectivity, support, and monitoring purposes.

The building is a carrier-grade hardened facility, meaning that it is extremely reliable, well-tested, and proven in its capabilities. Carrier-grade systems are tested and engineered to meet or exceed high availability standards.

The facility ensures 99.999 percent network uptime, which is especially important since DCN provides network connectivity to North Dakota’s most critical institutions, including health care, public safety, state government and financial organizations.

“DCN has experienced substantial growth over the past 12 years and has taken on an even more critical role in the survivability of a large part of the telecommunications infrastructure in North Dakota,” said Evan Hass, DCN general manager. “This new facility provides us with additional space to accommodate our growing customer base with Co-Lo space for their equipment needs as well as Data Center Services.”

With more than 16,000 miles of fiber optic cable in service, the 15 companies that own DCN represent all the major local independent telephone companies and serve more than 164,000 customers in 250 communities – more than 85 percent of all the exchanges in the state.

“These companies are committed to delivering leading-edge technology across the state, providing our customers with increased communications capabilities and business continuity,” added Hass. “The NOC is one more component in achieving ultimate connectivity for North Dakota organizations.”

Built to ensure “survivability” during catastrophic events

The vital portion of the new center can withstand F4 tornado force winds and is backed up by a 1-megawatt generator and battery plant, which provides power to the network in case of power failure. “This building provides reliability and redundancy that ensures business continuity for our customers now and in the future,” said Hass.

In addition to the business customers relying on DCN’s delivery of advanced technology, contractual arrangements provide services to government entities including North Dakota’s 171 school districts and the North Dakota healthcare Association with the bioterrorism Wide Area Network (BTWAN).

About DCN

DCN currently operates 12 POPs (Point of Presence) across the multi-state region, each acting as an “on/off” ramp to the local service provider for making the connections. The company provides high-speed point-to-point connections, Ethernet and high-speed Internet services on a statewide fiber optic DWDN network. The fiber backbone makes it possible for all of North Dakota’s businesses to obtain access to a network with high-speed capabilities. This high-speed digital facility is built as a diverse routed ring network, providing reliable high quality service with a single point of contact for ordering, installation, repair and billing.

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