Hospital CEOs


Matt Grimshaw, President & CEO
Mercy Medical Center

Number of Employees: 461
Years in North Dakota: 2
Years with Company: 2

What is the biggest challenge in the healthcare industry?
Here in Western ND we are experiencing a truly unprecedented economic expansion and population influx into our Region.  This has led to a dramatic increase in demand for healthcare services, which we are doing our best to meet.  What makes this even more challenging, however, is the reality that no one is able to accurately predict what our regional population will be 1, 5 or 10 years from now.  So in effect, we find ourselves trying to make strategic decisions with long-term implications while only having confidence in short-term data.

Is staffing an issue?
Staffing is, increasingly, the largest challenge we face on a daily basis. With all of the economic activity in the region, the labor market in Northwest ND is the tightest in America, and we are feeling the effects.  Today we employ about 450 people and have more than 60 vacancies.  In addition, our turnover is increasing each quarter and is projected to be nearly 40% for the year.  Due to the limited availability of affordable housing and the ongoing daycare needs of our area, even though we have an abundance of qualified applicants, we are finding many positions hard to fill.


Gary Miller, CEO
St. Alexius Medical Center

Number of Employees: 2,400
Years in North Dakota: 32
Years with Company: 28

What is the biggest challenge in the healthcare industry?
Federal and state funding of Medicare and Medicaid, patient complexity, physician shortages, pressure on wages and benefits, burdensome regulations, technological changes, and general inflationary increases are some of the biggest challenges healthcare faces.

However, until “we” accept responsibility for our personal health and make lifestyle changes, the challenge of reducing healthcare costs and improving quality is difficult to achieve.

How concerned are you about Obama Care?
I’m concerned with Obama Care. We still need to address the additional changes scheduled for 2013 and 2014.

Is staffing an issue?
Staffing is an issue for critical jobs like environmental services, food and nutrition, and nursing. We also have needs in some provider areas. We’re recruiting, but it appears the boom in western North Dakota is putting pressure on our labor force.


Todd Hudspeth, President & CEO
Jamestown Regional Medical Center

Number of Employees: 330
Years in North Dakota: 1
Years with Company: 1

What is the biggest challenge in the healthcare industry?
I think the biggest global challenge in US healthcare is the unsustainable rate of increasing healthcare costs. If we are unable to bend the cost curve healthcare expenses will eventually consume the economy. The obvious challenge is to slow healthcare spending in a society that wants the most high-tech procedures available tomorrow, but is not willing to pay those costs.

How concerned are you about Obama Care?
I think the goal of providing access to health insurance for all Americans is an honorable goal. The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not provide access to basic healthcare services (outside of the emergency room). Is the Affordable Care Act the best way to achieve universal access? That is debatable. Improving chronic care through medical homes and accountable care organizations is a huge step forward in improving care to those patients and reducing our healthcare costs.


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