North Dakota health care awards presented in Fargo on Sept. 25

WHAT: Please join Paul von Ebers, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND), State Health Officer of the North Dakota Department of Health Dr. Terry Dwelle, and Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley, as they honor North Dakota health care facilities and providers at the first annual Innovations in Health Care Awards luncheon.

The recognition program will honor groundbreaking and innovative health care work that is striving to improve the coordination and quality of care for patients, and lowering health care costs, through use of the MediQhome program across the state.

Seventy-one percent of all North Dakota providers, 75 percent of BCBSND members and a total of 1.45 million patients residing in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota participate in the MediQHome program.

The keynote address will be by global director of IBM Healthcare Transformation and national health care expert Dr. Paul Grundy, who has spoken nationally about the groundbreaking work between BCBSND and the state’s health care providers to put patients at the center of health care. The event is hosted by BCBSND together with the North Dakota Department of Health.

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 25

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM CDT

WHERE: Ramada Plaza Suites

Crystal Ballroom, rooms I & II

1635 42nd Street South


AGENDA: The event will follow this format:

  • Brief remarks from: Paul von Ebers, BCBSND’s president and CEO, Dr. Terry Dwelle, state health officer of the North Dakota Department of Health and Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley.
  • Keynote speech by Dr. Paul Grundy on how better coordinating patient care can lead to cost and quality improvements.
  • Awards presented to North Dakota health care facilities and organizations for their use of MediQHome to improve care quality and lower costs.
  • Closing remarks.


Additional background on the event, speaker and MediQHome:

  • MediQHome, an innovative, collaborative and successful statewide quality program that combines patient-centered medical home (PCMH) principles and technology to improve care, create efficiencies, contain costs and empower all North Dakotans to live healthier lives.
    • The program was launched statewide by BCBSND in 2009 to improve the prevention and management of chronic diseases that account for much of the rising costs of health care.
    • As a result of the MediQHome program, North Dakotans with chronic conditions have better care and the technology platform of the program allows a doctor to serve as each patient’s “medical home,” helping to better coordinate their care at different hospitals and clinics across the state. After the first year of statewide implementation:

1. The number of diabetics who received optimal diabetic care increased by 227 percent.

2. Colorectal cancer screens increased by 123 percent.

3. Tobacco use in patients with coronary artery disease decreased by 43 percent.

  • MediQHome is also changing how we pay for care by transitioning to payment based on good outcomes rather than simply paying a fee for a service delivered.
  • The Innovations in Health Care Awards event will honor North Dakota medical facilities for their use of BCBSND’s MediQHome medical home program to lower costs and boost quality in innovative ways.
  • Dr. Paul Grundy is global director of IBM Healthcare Transformation. Dr. Grundy is an expert and frequent speaker about global health care transformation.
    • He is also the winner of the 2012 National Center for Quality Assurance Health Quality Award.
    • BCBSND’s MediQHome program has been highlighted in Dr. Grundy’s speeches nationally.
    • He will talk about how MediQhome – and the state’s providers who have implemented and improved upon it – are leading a growing trend of putting patients at the center of health care.


  • TV FOOTAGE — A broadcast-quality recording of the awards presentation will be available for use by the media after the event has concluded, allowing media from other parts of the state not able to travel to Fargo the ability to still provide coverage of the event and local awards received.
  • INTERVIEW SOURCES — Paul von Ebers, president and CEO of BCBSND, and Dr. Grundy will be available after the event to speak with the media. We can help facilitate interviews of speakers and award recipients.
  • BACKGROUND —A news release listing the North Dakota medical facilities receiving awards will be available after the awards have been announced. Additional background information about MediQHome will also be available.

MORE DETAILS: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, a not-for-profit mutual company owned by its members, serves more than 53 percent of the state’s population, providing health coverage and related benefits to more than 460,000 members. BCBSND is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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