What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

“Run with high integrity, high morals, high trust, build a strong team and lead the way. There are four ‘P’illars to success. 1) You must start with a Plan. You need a good solid foundation to build on. 2) You have to have the right People. Team building, people development should be paramount. 3) There needs to be a Process. With a Process and good direction the Plan will lead to the final point. 4) Profit.”
Larry Medhurst • General Manager – Operations USA, Marquis Alliance

“The best business advice I ever received was to put as much energy into retaining existing customers as you do recruiting new ones. There is only a finite numbers of customers to be had, so it is important to keep the ones you got so you don’t have to start over building your customer base year after year.”
Julie Schaff Ellingson • Executive Vice President, North Dakota Stockmen’s Association

“The best piece of business advice I have received is to strengthen your strengths not your weaknesses.  Instead, honor your weakness and let them go! Often they aren’t weaknesses because you can’t do them; it’s not your area of expertise. Spending your time in these areas of business will zap your energy and waste your time. Hire others whose strengths match up with your weaknesses.”
Dawn Riley • Executive Vice President, Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce

“A former employer would encourage my creativity and advise me not to be afraid of failure. He really let me run with my ideas, which not only contributed to my success, but also taught me to do the same for the team we have here at the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau.”
Julie Rygg • Executive Director, Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau

“’Great leaders are not measured by how well they lead, but rather by their ability to get people to follow.’ As I step back and reflect on this piece of advice, I see how very true and relevant it is in today’s world.”
Brenda Wyland • Interim Executive Director, NDSU Research and Technology Park

“Continuous improvement is essential. No matter how good we are at anything we do, we must strive to get better. This applies to communication, client relations, product development and everything else. If this philosophy is embraced by all levels of a company, business will take care of itself.”
Michael Chambers • President and CEO, Aldevron, LLC

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