Randall Sickler
Ebeltoft, Sickler, Kolling, Grosz, Bouray

Number of Employees: 17
Years with Company: 5

Where is the greatest demand for legal services?
The demand for legal services is greatest where the economy is booming; where housing, education, transportation and health care infrastructure cannot keep pace with the population. Demand for legal services is greatest where men and women work in dangerous jobs remote from family and accustomed social outlets. All of these factors drive demand throughout North Dakota, but the supply of legal services is most outstripped by demand in our oil and gas producing counties.

What is the most overlooked legal issue for businesses?
Many businesses lose track of the small things that can develop into big problems. In the press of day-to-day operations, businesses simply lose track of what they need to do to be legally secure. A due-diligence audit can save a company millions by identifying and correcting these small failures, while at the same time preserving the liability protection afforded to individuals conducting business as a corporate entity.


John Morrison, Partner
Crowley Fleck

Number of Employees: 250
Years with Company: 31

Should judges be elected or appointed?
North Dakota voters have traditionally taken their responsibility in electing public officials, including judges, very seriously. The Bar Association has polled lawyers on the qualifications of judicial candidates and the results of those polls are reported in the press, assisting the general public in make informed decisions. Judges should continue to be elected rather than appointed in North Dakota.

Where is the greatest demand for legal services?
The energy boom in Western North Dakota has resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for legal services. While there is heightened demand for legal services relating to the oil and gas business, the increase in population has greatly increased the demand for all legal services – domestic relations, estate planning, business organizations. It is a wonderful opportunity for young attorneys.


Jane Dynes, Managing Partner
Serkland Law Firm

Number of Employees: 26
Years with Company: 22

Should judges be elected or appointed?
Our judges are elected and I think that is the right course. Our legal system works because people have confidence in it. Part of that confidence comes from knowing that the people themselves select judges.

Where is the greatest demand for legal services?
The greatest, un-met demand for legal services is in Western North Dakota. The State Bar Association’s task force studied the delivery of justice in our energy impacted areas. The findings show that the benefits of oil production come with challenges to the provision of legal services.

What is the most overlooked legal issue for businesses?
Two issues that small businesses may overlook: succession planning and organizational minute keeping. A succession plan eases the uncertainty of whether the business will continue after leadership changes. Keeping regular minutes of an organization’s meetings provides a valuable record in the event of an audit or internal dispute.

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