Eric Halverson, Black Gold Farms

Executive Vice President Grand Forks What is agriculture’s most significant change in the last decade? “Technology has certainly been a big key player. It’s been the adaption of different practices and systems that are now being utilized in agriculture. Cropping systems and grazing systems.. no-till and minimum-till … mapping of the genomes of plant species,… [More…]

Doug Goehring, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

Bismarck What is agriculture’s most significant change in the last decade? In the last ten years we have seen a significant rise in the values of agriculture products.  The rise of the values of what we sell and the values of what we have to put into the crop has greatly increased the risk associated with… [More…]

Les Paulson, Paulson Premium Seed & Conditioning

President Bowman What is agriculture’s most significant change in the last decade? Roundup. It has completely changed farming techniques since its introduction. What is the best tool ever developed for agriculture? The internet has done amazing things for the agriculture industry. We can get research information, up to the minute markets, and basically any new… [More…]


Meet Randall Sickler, Ebeltoft, Sickler, Kolling, Grosz, Bouray; John Morrison, Partner, Crowley Fleck; and Jane Dynes, Managing Partner, Serkland Law Firm

Elected Officials

Rick Berg Congressman (R) If you had the power to change one law, what would it be? The simple fact remains: the massive government takeover of healthcare that President Obama forced on the American people is not the right approach.  Obamacare raises taxes on small businesses that are vital job creators.  Seventy percent of North Dakotans did… [More…]

September 2012: Face to Face

Meet Thomas Reichert CPA, Shareholder, Brady Martz & Associates, P. C.; Carl Kvanvig, Managing Partner/CEO, Capital Accounting; and Jerry Topp, Managing Partner/CEO, Eide Bailly, LLP [More…]


Meet Mike Steffan, General Manager/CEO, Northwest Communications Cooperative (NCC); Steve Lysne, General Manager/CEO, SRT Communications Inc.; and Jeff Wilson, General Manager, Dickey Rural Networks [More…]

Hospital CEOs

Meet Matt Grimshaw, President & CEO, Mercy Medical Center, Williston; Gary Miller, CEO, St. Alexius Medical Center, Bismarck; Todd Hudspeth, President & CEO, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Jamestown [More…]