What’s your favorite gadget or app?

“I enjoy the iPhone, iPad technology.”
Brad Haugeberg • General Manager, Sun Prairie Grain 


“AccuWeather.com, on my Blackberry. Most phone conversations include a discussion about the weather.  AccuWeather sends alerts, can give me the rundown for today’s weather, a day by day or hour by hour forecast for my location and a snapshot of weather in multiple locations.”
Jane P. Priebe • Economic Development Director, Wahpeton Economic Development 

“My favorite app is GoogleMaps. I travel a great deal for work and this has been extremely helpful when trying to locate a destination. It gives turn by turn directions and you can select mode of transportation (walking, car, or mass transit). In Washington DC this app has saved me more than once!”
Wendy Howe • Execuitve Director, Minot Convention and Visitors Bureau

“My smart phone keeps me connected and helps me stay on task with important projects that need a timely response.”
Ellen Huber • Business Development & Communications Director, City of Mandan

“Angry Birds helps to de-stress and kill time at the airport.”
Reed Reyman • President/CEO, St. Joseph’s Hospital & Health Center


“My iPhone. It un-tethers me from my desk and allows me to work and communicate wherever I am. When I go for a run, it serves as my trainer and music player. When I am in line and waiting I can catch up on news and industry updates. And on Saturdays I can listen to Prairie Home Companion wherever I am.”
Marci Seamples • Executive Director, Williston Area Chamber of Commerce 



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