What can have the greatest impact on North Dakota business?

“Better access to financing. Many developers in the area have good ideas, solid plans, and breadth of experience. The projects they bring would have a positive impact. However, many struggle to procure financing. Local lenders don’t want to be a major investor and outside lenders don’t understand our region.”
Roger Thomas • Division Manager – Upper Midwest Division, Burke Construction Group, Inc.

“Concerns such as tax rates, infrastructure, oil prices, interest rates, employee availability and housing are always referenced, but regulation has the greatest impact on business in North Dakota.  In particular, EPA over-reach and wrongly implementing certain provisions of Dodd-Frank will impact business regardless of industry in our state.”
Scott Louser • Owner/Broker, Preferred Minot Real Estate

“North Dakota business is and has always been greatly impacted by transportation.  Whether we look at costs to move raw materials into our state to use them in value-added processes, or we look at getting our commodities or products to market, transportation plays a key role.”
Gaylon Baker • Executive Director, Stark Development Corporation

“Three things are imperative to our future—education, jobs, and lower taxes. ND needs to remain competitive.  The only way we can do this is through lower taxes to bring businesses to ND.  Simultaneously, we need to educate and prepare our workforce, which requires good jobs to keep young people in ND.”
Randy Newman • President and CEO, Alerus Financial

“North Dakota’s economy will be directly and positively affected when there are more workers available for service positions.  As residential developers focus on providing affordable housing; more families can afford to relocate with young adults and second income earners in those households to fill service openings and assist in stabilizing this vital sector.”
Gary Fendich • Owner/Developer, Residential Commercial Development, LLC

“Flexibility, Creativity and Vision.  Many aspects of the state’s economic climate are strong and the wind is at our back.  Now, it’s critical to recognize that an unprecedented opportunity exists to shape areas for growth through the integration of exceptional land planning, architecture and development guidelines. ”
Jeff Swenson • Managing Member, NDI Group, LLC

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