How has your business adapted to North Dakota’s changing business environment?

“When we began operations in 2009, the majority of our work was located in Northwest North Dakota. Today, our client list now includes clients in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, and Canada. We have also secured numerous contracts with oil related businesses, causing us to triple our flight hours and increase the number of personnel.”
Tanner Overland • Owner, Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor, Overland Aviation, LLC

“Our association has had to change by trying to have more contact with our member banks to work to cement our relationships and to strive to add to our membership.   Besides legislative issues, we offer needed educational sessions, a purchasing exchange program and our shared credit card program.”
John A. Brown • Executive Vice President, Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

“As a land development and construction management company, White Dog Development Group has found that North Dakota’s shifting business environment is especially fertile for growing our business.  Setting up shop some 2000 miles away from our connections, we’ve ridden a steep learning curve, and continually work on cultivating solid relationships.”
Eric Ditter • Owner and President, White Dog Development Group

“Loenbro has adapted to the changes by believing that change brings huge opportunities.  We prepare for change by forecasting ahead and then pursuing and seizing the opportunities that come from our vision. While other companies may be waiting around trying to figure out how to adapt to change, our mindset is to not only go with it but be ahead of it.”
John Leach • Vice President, Loenbro

“Steffes Corporation has adapted by having a strong focus on people and opportunity. In order to remain competitive and continue to grow, we expanded our operations into the Grand Forks market by purchasing a 60,000 SF manufacturing building.”
Joe Rothschiller • President and COO, Steffes Corporation

“Networking and continuous market research maximizing occupancy; rates with ADR & RevPar is our pulse! We ‘think like a guest’ and we have one shot to make a great first impression! Offering good old fashioned customer service. Our niche is providing a ‘home environment’ with upscale extended stay amenities that sets us apart from the competition.”
Dave Bussard • Leader and General Manager, Staybridge Suites

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