North Dakota’s Steady Growth

Success doesn’t just happen by chance. As the Commerce Commissioner, I have the unique opportunity to compare our state’s amazing creation of new growth and prosperity with the past. During my short tenure as a state employee, having spent nearly 30 years of my life in the private sector, I have realized the success in… [More…]

State Revenue and the Tax Department

The mission of the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner is to fairly and effectively administer the tax laws of North Dakota. In other words, the Tax Department serves as the state’s primary revenue collection agency. For instance, during the 2009-2011 biennium, the State General Fund revenue from all sources was about $3.2 billion,… [More…]

Road to the Future

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) maintains over 8,400 miles of state highways across the state. We also license every driver and vehicle in North Dakota. Keeping the roadways and bridges in good condition and licensing the many people who walk through our door is a challenging task. NDDOT employees located across the state… [More…]

The People’s Lawyer

The Attorney General, one of twelve statewide elected officials in North Dakota, provides legal services and opinions to state officials, legislators, county state’s attorneys and city attorneys. The office also enforces the Open Meetings and Open Records laws, and issues opinions in response to complaints alleging violations of those laws. In addition to serving as… [More…]

Showing You the Money: North Dakota’s Treasurer Speaks Out

It is no secret; the Office of State Treasurer is all about finances.  We manage the state’s checkbook to ensure the availability of sufficient funds while optimizing investment returns.  We invest in North Dakota through our BidND program, keeping our dollars in North Dakota helps our communities.  We distribute over 31 tax distributions to our… [More…]

Secretary of State’s Office: Combatitive sports, elections, bill filings, business registrations, contractor’s licenses and so much more.

While it isn’t an everyday thought, have you ever wondered?  That is, what does the Secretary of State and that office do?  It is a simple question and not unusual.  But, be prepared for a long answer because the office has over forty different and widely varied duties. As a starting point, most people are… [More…]